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High Speed Fully Automatic Machine D 16


SPC-D16 type single turnplate paper cup machine use single turnplate and cylinder indexing cam structure in drive system, so this machine can get faster speed and bigger bearing, and we increase batch lubrication device, so it can improve the life of the equipment and reduce the man-hour for maintainance. It has two options, one is counter table (automatic counter and collector), the other one is paper feeding table, it is suitable to produce 2.5-16oz cold/hot paper cup.


Aluminum block is not easily combustible and it performs in high safety. In addition it saves electricity. Our 3 turn plates are all made of aluminum while others use only 1 and remaining 2 of iron.

We use three row of chain together with gear while other machines only have two rows of chain and triangle chain. In a way, it improve the performance and gives high stability.

Technical Parameters:

170-300 gsm, single/double PE coated paper (D 16)
65ml - 330ml
Three Phases 380v 12 kw
0.5-0.8 Mpa, 0.3 cube/min